15. All the Lovers Page 5

“Breathe, I know you find it hard but, baby, breathe, you’ll be next to me, it’s all you need” BACK

15. All the Lovers Page 3

“Feel, can’t you see there’s so much here to feel? Deep inside in your heart you know I’m real Can’t you see that this is really higher, higher, higher, higher?…” BACK NEXT

15. All the Lovers Page 1

Musical Interlude: “All the lovers” By Kylie Minogue.A transcendental pop experience in which Jane, awakened, cannow act as a herald for awareness and requite back to Dove whathas been so kindly given to her; freedom from the illusionsof separation from LOVE and an invite to synchronize inperfect alignment with the waves of the Multiverse andbeyond. […]